+47Just left Walmart89
+472020 Summer Analyst Program for Hong Kong/Singapore694
+47AMA: Investment Banking Associate 84
+47No PE in my PA51
+46Hypothetical - what do REPE funds do now?95
+46Owning a Gym - Good Business Idea?81
+46What's your view on illegal immigration?108
+46Why do overachievers think that finance is the sole route to success and riches50
+46Fucked up recruitment and low self-esteem53
+46AMA: I didn't get a return offer48
+46How to deal with a narc at work?38
+46Why Do BBs even hire from Non-targets?122
+46Work/Life Balance - Hours50
+46Do New Grads In Tech Really Make $250K+ Straight Out Of Undergrad?61
+45Dude said he got into a diversity conference by saying he had a learning disability51
+45How have you quit?68
+45Physique matters?38
+45I'm a Senior Sell-Side Research Associate, AMA75
+45My wife thinks we need 30 mil to retire86
+45Do I Fit in Finance? Am I Too old?44
+45Biggest Fail at Work?56
+44Boutique vs. Bulge Bracket in a Recession105
+44What’s Worse, Facebook or LinkedIn?40
+44What are your big problems right now?115
+44Thinking Like an Investor24
+44Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Discussion (Likely Spoilers)111
+44What is your "at bat" song?89
+44Life Restart Regardless of Money101
+44Weird/odd Questions Asked in Interviews38
+44Worst Non-Closing Story of All Time23
+43Planning a Wedding - What are Some Wedding/Honeymoon/Bachelor Party/Groomsman/Etc. Tips?86
+43Hello Old Friends!60
+43How dead is trading?46
+43Future of HF skillset43
+43Let's Talk About the Pros and Cons of our Gigs in RE Finance47
+43AMA: 21 year old finance student 30
+4308' Recession - How bad was it really? 72
+43What conspiracy theory do you believe in?121
+42Inheritance, descendants and trust fund squandering85
+42What's the worst bank mispronunciation that you've heard?46
+42Forget IB: The big bucks are made in Real Estate29
+42How is anyone getting deals done?67
+42Is Anonymous posting ruining WSO?53
+422020 Goldman Sachs Exploratory Program HireVue question.191
+41Dress Like a Baller for a Fraction of the Price (Brand + How To Guide)58
+412021 SA kicking off?117
+41Why does everyone hate accountants? 51
+41Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide108
+41Do banking and PE make you a better business owner?75
+41Why are people on Linkedin like this?65
+41School Shootings ( Another One Today) - Emotional/Psychological Impact91
+41Recession Proof Industries?119
+41Monkey to Millions [APPLICATIONS OPEN!] - New Show & Podcast Coming - Free Mentorship + more68
+41PwC and Strategy& Just CANCELLED their Internships and are giving 2500k stipends and FT offers111
+40If You Could Work At Any Hedge Fund...104
+40Is Justine Tobin UNHINGED?38
+402021 On-Cycle Private Equity Recruiting144
+40Coronavirus - What About Face Masks89
+40okay to flirt while networking ?43
+40Elizabeth Warren wants to kill IBD: Drafting U.S. Legislation to reverse ‘Mega Mergers’88
+40Barclays SA 2020261
+39Networking Success Stories?51
+39Anyone own any property on the side? 114
+39Credit Hedge Fund opportunities23
+39The End of the 40 Hour Work Week?74
+39Prestige Around the World73
+39My son interested in S&T over IB (your advise Please)67
+39Creating a Family dynasty of highly efficient Investment Bankers10
+39Principles; What Are Your Main Governing Principles in Navigating Life and Your Career40
+39AMA: Physical Oil Trading94
+39Do retail financial advisors provide ANY value??79
+39Severe disability diagnosis and next steps27
+38Investment bankers, do you expect your partner to have as prestigious a job as you do?31
+38Millennials, porn addiction and erectile dysfunction97
+38A firm where everyone shit talks everyone26
+38Office Thieves44
+38West Coast IB Rankings66
+38Can one get rid of a company's pensions during LBO?43
+38Emotional numbness 79
+38What Almost Made You Quit?42
+38Real Estate Mogul81
+38Personal Experience with Houston Energy IBD - Thoughts on Industry Outlook? (Long Post)70
+38Compensation Structure At Quant VS Fundamental Funds73
+38Has IB Work/Life Balance Changed in 2019?59
+38Guys in here who don't want the family life or a wife, what's your plan?62
+37dream car 78
+37Literature to Determine If PE Is a Fit32
+37Investment banking forum 13
+37Updated 2020 SA Recruiting Thread116
+37Beer in Quarantine103
+37The biggest sh*t talker ever41
+37Wells Fargo SA 2020217
+37Regional Boutiques are vastly overlooked in IB31
+36Los Angeles envy97
+36The Truth about "Hours" at the Analyst Level23
+36What do you guys do for lunch on the job?91
+36IB Hall of Fame63
+36Should I call CDC on my boss so I can take a 2 week vacation?26
+36Death Row Inmates and Capital Punishment98
+362019 Return Offer %100