+114We eat what we kill.128
+114Corporate Politics, Job Outsourcing, Might Get Fired, How To Play Cards?239
+112Why tech is overrated for MBAs (and why banking is underrated) 149
+112What do you splurge on?217
+112How to Crush Your Informational Interview62
+111Mexico ---> illegally entering US ---> VP @ GS192
+111Do You Envy The Rich Kids Who Got A Shot At Their Careers Through Their Parent's Influence?124
+110What were the biggest lies you were told during the interview process that weren't true on the actual job?100
+110Junior RBC Analyst Charged With Insider Trading88
+109What’s the WORST pitchdeck error you’ve ever seen?74
+109Non-target --> FT Off-Cycle IBD Analyst48
+109Why I Left PE & Switched to the Public Markets75
+109Wall Street Bro Caught on Camera Humping Fearless Girl Statue146
+107Bonus Tax Too Damn High58
+107Men's Fashion Hacks125
+107Networking as a woman - my experience and questions136
+106Are We the Villains to Ordinary People?216
+105A Contrarian View - Raging Bull148
+105Undergrad: Will UChicago give me more opportunities than Michigan (Ross)?101
+105What investment banking is in simple words and my story 150
+105Worst conduct you've seen from an interviewer158
+105What your managing director says and what he actually means?57
+103Dumbest thing you said in an interview?82
+103I didn't even know what Investment Banking was until my junior year of college lol (Information is key)67
+102Must Know Finance Terms69
+102Mental Disorder called Liberalism216
+102Life as a Top Asset Manager188
+102Consequences after being caught cheating176
+102Finance Culture - Personalities120
+101What is your end goal / dream job?171
+101Stop reading the news thoughtlessly and develop a macro framework.53
+101The Iceland bet - How some hedge funds made huge money51
+100The students at top schools aren't really that intellectually impressive. 119
+100Do you want your wife to work?165
+100Can IB Analysts Have Girlfriends?43
+100Summer 2017 Investment Banking Interns - Do's and Don'ts List178
+100Thoughts From a Former Navy SEAL85
+99How do you signal women that you work in Investment Banking without telling them?59
+99Worst slides ever88
+99Hilarious Barclays Goodbye Email49
+99Worst Interview/Job Experience: Can You Top Mine?124
+99Political correctness in Finance 103
+99My Personal Gym Shit List193
+98Refusing to Party with Boss -- Bad Move?90
+98HF PM AMA196
+98What's your preferred vice?147
+98What's a Monkey's typical weekend plans?166
+982016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting Updates860
+98Jefferies: Are these rumors true?144
+972018 /2019 Bonus Discussion159
+97Contacts Template for Networking84
+97Why are we Obsessed with "Work/Life Balance"?150
+96Biggest professional regret?103
+96Intern Horror Stories71
+96Trump Business Plan 175
+96How Can I Prove that I'm the Biggest Hardo at my Non-Target?44
+96Who else is shorting Morgan Stanley?48
+96How NOT to Network117
+96Is Finance Really this Lonely?78
+95Ray Dalio: Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed174
+95Lifestyle post promotion to VP? 98
+95Why do people hate President Trump?667
+95My journey from no-name boutique to PE MF57
+95What is the meaning behind your username?167
+95I'm in college and a millionaire because of crypto. AMA237
+95Who is your favorite billionaire?211
+95Has the CFA lost its value? 198
+94Checking in 6 years later [IB to MBB transition]119
+94Why Are You Worth Your Salary?120
+94Worst aspect of finance fashion?103
+93Life in General Will Cost More Than You Think 147
+93Funniest Stories - The Analyst Years74
+93Models, Bottles, and Playing Hard in Finance 85
+93From non-target to BB CEO: My story254
+92Confessions of a former second year IB Analyst18
+92Theoretical: What would be your dream career choice assuming it paid the same as IB? 118
+92Notes for Technical Interview Questions50
+92Want a promotion?133
+91What Are You Old-Fashioned About?113
+91How do you spend your bonus?61
+91Why Does The World Hate Wall Street and Bankers 191
+91Most prestigious job opportunity you've ever seen100
+9130 Weeks Later (Re-imagined)18
+91Former MS M&A / KKR here to field questions255
+90I have officially accepted a position at...posts80
+90End of Bitcoins on 18th December 2017144
+90Story time: first ever bonus49
+90What does it feel like working 40-hour weeks? 124
+90Is America a Second-Tier Country?161
+89BAML SA 2020 Thread646
+89What I've learned so far after 1 yr at a top MBA program (If I could do it over):155
+89What do you Drive and What's your Dream Car?296
+88The Path to Least Resistance: Why IB May Not Be What You Really Want53
+88What is The Meanest Thing You've Ever Seen a Superior Tell a Subordinate in the Office79
+88Prestige Skirmish: Lawyer vs. Doctor vs. Investment Banker96
+8830 year-old breaking in46
+88Why do so few go into Real Estate?166
+88Death from Overwork (Karōshi) in Finance74
+88Finished 1st Year at HBS - Ask Me Anything (AMA)131