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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
125 months 1 week ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Job Search Advice ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Job Search Advice Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best threads giving advice on the various aspects of your next job search. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s...
09 months 1 day ago
"Stay in touch" response to thank you email?Hey guys can I get your quick take on this? Interviewed at a PE shop for 4 rounds, 6 guys in total. 6/6 replied my thank you emails. Ran into an interviewer later that week in town, and he mentioned he liked my chances. So far so good. Anyway, I had final round with a senior guy. He replied to my th...
61 hour 34 min ago
Networking Call Etiquette? I am a sophomore at a target currently networking for S&T at BB banks in the summer of 2018. I have several calls set-up with MDs and recruiters who I met at on-campus events. I think they remember me from the info sessions and coffee chats; however, I'm not sure if they have access to my resume...
02 hours 41 min ago
BATS Global Markets Summer MBA InternshipHi, I am interviewing this week with BATS for a 15 week rotational internship at BATS in NYC, and wanted to know if anyone has interviewed with them before, what to expect? I've found info about BATS in KC but not much about the NYC offices... Anyone know what the culture is like there and if it is ...
05 hours 54 min ago
SEEKING ADVICE on Private Equity Job OfferI recently received a job offer that would be a slight cut in pay. I currently make: First-Year IB Associate Salary: $120,000 Bonus: 75-100% Other Benefits: Flexible expense report Other: Discussion of a promotion at the end of this year I received the following offer from a PE fund: Base Salary: $1...
58 hours 7 min ago
Who has heard of Ernst & Young Transfer Pricing?Has anyone heard of the EY Transfer Pricing Group? It sounds pretty cool, like they do due dilligence and get to travel alot. Does this fall under the TAS heading, or is it something else entirely? Has anyone had any experience with it or heard anything about it? I would appreciate any sort of i...
15310 hours 33 min ago
Dimensional Fund Advisors - Marketing & Internal ConsultingHi All I have an interview coming up soon with DFA within their marketing and internal consulting group. Does anyone know what I should be expecting in this interview? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ...
012 hours 23 min ago
Software Engineer to MSF to ??? adviceAlright WSO, a buddy of mine is a lurker here and has enlisted my help. he studied econ undergrad at a non target and has worked in software the past several years, most recently as a software engineer developing enterprise level software in Chicago. he's been accepted to a MSF (top 5 in the US acco...
812 hours 23 min ago
Investment Ops HK/ SingaporeI am coming to the end of a 6 month contract with a boutique fund manager in Sydney as investment ops associate. Small company, about 20 employees managing aud15bn. Had a great time, learnt a lot. Prior to here I worked for a large asset manager in Edinburgh back in the UK, similar role investment o...
51 day 3 hours ago
Searching for a Summer Internship?Mod Note (Andy): Bumped this back up from winter 2010 and it is still useful, but even more companies and banks are listed in the WSO Company Database (with e-mail formats) If you're still on the internship hunt, no worries - lots of boutique investment banks wait to do their hiring until the Spri...
Wall Street Mentors
1251 day 5 hours ago
How To Get A Job On Wall Street (When You Don't Know Anybody)Hey monkeys, I'm on a plane from CLT to PHX, and I have wifi, and I'm not in the mood to work on my book. I like giving you guys some of my more thoughtful newsletter articles every once in a while, but I've never directly contributed to the forum. I have a few hours to kill, so I wanted to share ...
Jared Dillian
911 day 5 hours ago
Starting a new career at 26background: Bsc. business administration degree, covered accounting and finance. M$ office certified, know excel very well. worked several jobs in college, started a business after and up to now involving consumer products. business skills involved sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and customer se...
01 day 5 hours ago
First Year Student Struggling to Find Co-op/InternshipI am currently a first year student at the University of Waterloo and I feel I have an above average resume compared to my peers or others in my program. In terms of academics, I am at around a 3.7 GPA which is considered the top 10% in my faculty as the faculty average is sitting at high 60s to low...
01 day 8 hours ago
Drug Test @ BlackRock SF summer analyst positionHi guys, I received an offer recently from BlackRock for a 2017 summer analyst position (software engineering) at their SF office. In the offer letter, it states that I need to pass a drug screen/test. I'm wondering if BlackRock makes you take the test within a few days of accepting the offer, or cl...
151 day 9 hours ago
Cognizant equity researchHas anyone had any experience with them or any information to share? Are certain IB roles outsourced to them and you do it, in some cases you work at the IB with the team, would this be worth persueing? ...
151 day 12 hours ago
Acquisition finance from Europe to the USHello everyone, I'm currently working in Europe for a big bank (think DB, BNPP, Barclays, Credit Suisse, etc..) in their Leveraged & Acquisition financing department. To summarize, we are in charge of raising debt for all companies (IG, sub-IG, midcap, HY, large cap) in event-driven contexts (ma...
01 day 17 hours ago
What is a Writing Sample??This may sound like a silly question but when a description says please provide a copy of your cover letter, resume and writing sample, what exactly is a writing sample? Could I just use a report from school? ...
22 days 4 hours ago
Bank Job as a Teenager?I'm looking for summer jobs and often see personal representative positions at local banks (TD, BMO, CIBC, etc..). I feel like this would provide me with invaluable experience when going to university this fall, however I feel as though i'm way too under-qualified for such a position. My question is...
02 days 11 hours ago
Should I decline the accepted summer?Just a little background. I've had internship at UBS (Equity Research) and Accenture (Research Assistant). One of my former boss recently recommended me to a summer 6-month PE internship at KKR. This is my ultimate goal and I would love to work in PE. However, I've already accepted a summer internsh...
32 days 13 hours ago
No relevant summer internship = screwed? Special situationHi guys! I'm currently a senior who's set to graduate in January 2018. Because I was in a car accident last May, I've had no work experience. I had an internship lined up last summer, but because I had a broken arm, shattered foot, and other injuries, I decided to take an on-campus sales job across ...
03 days 2 hours ago
Should I take this Trade Finance internship? (Want to do IB)Hi all, Currently looking for an internship for this summer (sophomore currently) before I go into recruitment this coming fall. Would a summer internship in TRADE FINANCE be relatively okay as prior experience when I go through recruitment? Still looking for plenty of other options, just wondering ...
03 days 6 hours ago
Join the WSO Resume Review Team We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team. Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in finance Previous experience screening resumes Strong attention to detail Willingness to go above and beyond to make the client happy More info: The position is ...
233 days 6 hours ago
Consulting or High Growth Startup I have an offer from a high growth potential startup that recently got series a funding for > $600,000 as well as an IBM management consulting offer. I ultimately want to do VC and see that the startup could be the way. It is hard to tell what the better option is. Help please ...
03 days 8 hours ago
Getting fired after month and a halfI am in state of confusion and near depression, would greatly appreciate any advice. For starters, should I post this on my resume? ...
183 days 10 hours ago
2017 BP Sophomore Leadership ProgramsHas anyone else applied/interviewed with BP for their STEP and Sophomore Experience programs? Curious what you thought of the virtual interview. ...
03 days 11 hours ago
ID'ing the Hiring ManagerI am in the process of applying to equity research positions. I have found that directly contacting the hiring manager is the most effective way of getting my resume noticed. For the sector that I am most interested in, I can often determine that the hiring manager is one of 5-6 different senior a...
03 days 12 hours ago
Goldman Sachs background statusMy background status has been upgraded to "preliminary approval" with Goldman Sachs ops in Salt Lake City. Anyone have a better idea of what this level entails....are they simply waiting for me to graduate? Thanx! ...
733 days 13 hours ago
Job in finance entry level other then a Financial Advisor Just graduated with a BA in Economics and a concentration in Finance with a GPA of 3.5. I went to Moravian college and unfortunately going to network events has not produced much luck I have not been able to find Alumni who is this field.My internship was at MassMutual as a Financial Advisor as i wa...
53 days 17 hours ago
RBC Technology & Operation vs EY FSO Financial Advisory. Which one to choose?Hi all, So I recently received two offers for the coming summer but I don't know which one to choose. One is from RBC Technology and Operation at their Jersey City office, and the job responsibilities include internal control and auditing for securities pricing and valuation reportings. The other on...
03 days 20 hours ago
Interesting/tough situation. How can I make this work? I am really hoping to break into the financial services industry, specifically into something along the lines of a credit analyst type role or in AM. I have a background that seems to be quite different from the traditional paths people on this site tend to take but I was hoping to get some feedbac...
33 days 23 hours ago
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04 days 1 hour ago
Delayed written offer - any concern?I was contacted by an internal recruiter at a large bank and ended up interviewing for a role at that bank two weeks ago. Later that day the recruiter contacted me indicating that management had good feedback and wanted to move forward with me. They would have to confirm prior comp details and the...
24 days 2 hours ago
NYC Spring Break Networking HelpI decided to spend my spring break in New York to 1. Visit and explore (it's my first time here) and 2. Network. But, I need some advice on setting up informational interviews and/or contacting people. My main tool I've used is LinkedIn - this has helped a little but my outreach is still low. I'm no...
04 days 4 hours ago
Directing to our job posting - Great for experienced bankers in transition or looking for something differentWanted to make sure I got some traction on this. Please ask me questions directly. It's a unique opportunity for anyone currently in transition, looking to do something different, taking a year off, etc. Please have 3rd-year Analyst or greater experience.
04 days 7 hours ago
Reneging on Job OfferI accepted a FA internship position with a pretty large company, not specifically a finance company however. This is after thinking I was no longer in contention with any of my previously applied companies. However, I now have a final round interview for a FA intern position with a really big bank. ...
24 days 11 hours ago
Is it hard to get an internship these days?Is it harder in recent times to get an internships? Especially this summer? I feel like they are rarer and harder to come by than before. I go to a T20 university and a lot of people I know cannot find anything this summer. ...
164 days 11 hours ago
Global Credit Rating Agency ---> Backdoor to High FinanceThesis: For those unable to break directly into high finance, starting at a one of the "Big 3" (S&P, Moody's, Fitch) is a great entry-level job, in which you can position yourself for a bright future. Overview: *Entry-level analysts may only make about $70k (1st year all-in), but work about 45-h...
594 days 20 hours ago
60 Hour Weeks, Rural Locations, 100k starting salary: what type of finance is right for me?What sort of finance job should I pursue? I'm currently an Econ/History double major at HYP, likely with a 3.4 gpa before applying for junior year internships and should have a 3.55 by the time I graduate. Criteria: 1. starting salary >=100k 2. for the first two years, 80 hours or less per week; ...
164 days 21 hours ago
Experienced Software Engineer - Is jump to HF worth it? Work/Life, cash, stressWould love y'all's advice. I'm an experienced SWE (~10 years) at one of the largest tech companies. I get pinged by tech recruiters all the time, but I ignore them because I'm not looking to bounce around. I have a family and various side projects so I need a low-key, flexible job, which is exactly ...
04 days 21 hours ago
High undergrad and low masters gpa?Hi all, I went to one of the top schools in my country and achieved a 3.9 GPA and I am now doing a Masters degree from a target school here in the US. Since my friends told me that banks have accelerated their recruiting process, I spent a lot of time last semester job hunting and received an intern...
34 days 23 hours ago
APPLYING for jobs after signing a contractOK, the title says it. I accepted (and signed) an offer with a BB in ER, due to start in September. Several days ago I become aware of a dream opportunity at a mid-sized hedge fund that employs a strategy I am strongly interested in and I think I have good chances to get through the interviews. The ...
55 days 3 hours ago
What is the purpose of recruiters?So I understand for higher level positions like Director and above, they are extremely useful and even for PE/HF roles. I see a lot of recruiter spam on Indeed/LinkedIn, where the job posting is basically posted as well by the actual employer. So do these recruiters just copy random company position...
15 days 5 hours ago
This is different take on the applying to different position at the same firm. Except I was offered to consideration to two diffDownside: I would be the monkey with No Bananas, because she wanted two. Upside: I get both jobs, or get one job. I was offered opportunity to submit interest in accounts payable and admin position for the branch of a Satellite Broadcast company. I was also offered the opportunity for consideration ...
15 days 5 hours ago
Anyone heard of Tobin & Company?Charlotte boutique Can't seem to find any info on them (analyst/intern experience, news, reputation) If anyone has worked there or knows anything about them and would like to share that would be great! ...
45 days 7 hours ago
Settling into a new role timeframe How long did it take you to 'settle' into your new job? Does it become easier or harder overtime? Do you ever feel like you don't fit in or just fake it till you make it? ...
15 days 7 hours ago
Reneging Big4 Advisory for US Marine CorpsLong story short, an NYC BIG 4 offered a summer internship after I interned with them last summer with a signing deadline in September and after having a great summer with them I, without hesitation, signed the offer. Fast forward to November and a student turned terrorist runs over students at my u...
45 days 7 hours ago
LLM graduate looking for securities regulation compliance jobsI am recent LLM law graduate from NYU with interest in compliance jobs in financial markets industry. I have good understanding of different financial securities. Would like to work in the compliance roles involving working with the SEC, FINRA, MSRB regulations etc... What is a good introductory boo...
15 days 9 hours ago
Financial Data Analyst role with MoodysI just got an offer to join Moodys as a FDA. Does anyone here have experience with such role? What are normally the exit options? Is it good to build foundations for someone who doesn't have a fin/acct academic background? ...
15 days 9 hours ago
Starting a Professional CareerSo, I am currently finishing my MBA at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in August and I am looking to begin a career in Wall Street. Investment Banking has caught my attention, but, I know I lack relevant experience or connections. What would be the best way to go about trying to break into...
05 days 9 hours ago
How to politely but assertively ask for a positionThere is an opening on a team I really would love to join, as I am currently miserable in my role and can not take it much longer... (going desperate) Thing is I am a bit inexperienced for the role and I would be asking for a title promotion. I had coffee with the team lead who was a bit encouraging...
VaRty Time
15 days 13 hours ago
What excuses do you guys use to take time off for interviews?In my experience, interviews are scheduled just 2-3 days in advance. This is extremely short notice to take a half day or so off work (depending on anticipated interview time, and location). I'm sure a lot of you work long hours, in a somewhat fast-paced professional environment, how do you take tim...
485 days 14 hours ago
How To Talk To AnyoneDoes meeting strangers make you nervous? Do you have a hard time talking to people you don't know? Do you feel like an outsider at networking events? Maybe you are like me, when I first came to America in 1995, the fear of talking to people used to paralyze me. I'd often cross the street just so I d...
25 days 17 hours ago
Negotiate AnythingOn Wall Street everything is a negotiation. Your Job Your Bonus Your Promotion Your Project Your Deadline And the negotiation doesn't stop when you get home either, because life is a just a big negotiation. With your girl friend, husband, kids, friends. But I bet you are doing it all wrong. I know I...
05 days 18 hours ago
rutgersim a freshmen at rutgers..and i was just wondering what I must do to get a front office is seems like its virtually impossible to get a FO job from rutgers ...
36 days 2 hours ago
Boutique Consulting firmsHi everyone, I was recently offered a full-time IBM GBS consulting role out of college. I haven't really been too interested in consulting until ~ the last 4-5 months. If anyone could provide me with either a list or link to a list of boutique consultancy's it would go a long way! I am interested in...
06 days 4 hours ago
Alumni Cold-EmailingI just wanted to get a good sense of what the people that are receiving the cold e-mails are thinking. Do most of you think that this is another kid looking to get a job or a kid that is genuinely looking for advice. ...
106 days 5 hours ago
Switching career to finance, transferring from cc to uni. and looking for internshipHi, I'm about to graduate in community college this summer. I already transferred to Rutgers Business School and will start fall semester as junior. I also work full time in the Solar industry (project manager) but I am ready to switch career and pursue a job in finance. I'm also part time associate...
06 days 8 hours ago
How to sell yourself over the phone Hello, In my process of networking, I somehow managed to secure multiple phone calls with small IB boutiques and even a PE shop. Now each of them said they are, quote "thinking about brining an intern on, and would like to speak with me". Now I don't have any real finance background and am not an ov...
46 days 8 hours ago
Rutgers Job Placement I am a senior in high school and I will be attending RBS NB in the fall. I was wondering how strong the Job Placement for Rutgers is. Specifically, I have always wanted to work on the west coast in SF or LA. Although Rutgers has a large alumni network how likely is it that I will be able to land a j...
16 days 8 hours ago
Is growth worth an industry change?So a super quick snapshot of how I came to this intersection: My first job out of college was at State Street Global Advisors in their AML group on contract. I hated it but did well. My boss at the time offered me a full time position but declined because I had been extended a job offer at a boutiqu...
Investments are cool
06 days 11 hours ago
Any good banking opportunities in Denver?Excluding KeyBank, FirstBank, CoBank, and other smaller banks, what are the opportunities for an aspiring financial analyst at a bulge bracket bank? I know JP and ML have decent-sized wealth management operations in Denver. ...
06 days 15 hours ago
What types of jobs would someone from a non-finance STEM undergrad be able to get?I am a junior Chemical Biology major/CS minor with a 3.5 GPA at a target school. I've taken upper division math, data science, and CS courses but nothing econ/business related. I might take Mathematical economics next semester. My original plan was to go to a PhD program but the job opportunities th...
06 days 23 hours ago
Is there a Major Difference Between IB Intern and Full Time Analyst Interviews?In my previous internships, I knew that there was a gigantic difference in the interviews between students applying for full time roles and younger ones going for internships. The internship interviews had very little technical questions, and would only ask extremely basic ones that anyone could ans...
06 days 23 hours ago
GS India Summer 2017Did anyone hear back from GS India summer analyst programs? Anybody secured positions in India for this summer? ...
06 days 23 hours ago
No real internship experience = screwed?My plan is to find a job while I finish my final semester in the fall. I don't know exactly what I want to do after graduation because I've had no truly relevant work experience. I'd like to work at a Big 4 or maybe in equity research. Many of my friends got jobs at Big 4, BBs, MBBs, etc. I've had i...
11 week 24 min ago
JPM Credit Portfolio Solutions - Any insight?asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd ...
01 week 5 hours ago
BB S&T SA vs Big 3 Credit Ratings SAI am currently holding a SA offer for S&T (already assigned to a Fixed Income Trading desk) at a second-tier BB (Think DB/Barclays/CS/UBS). This week I received another SA offer for a Credit Ratings role at a major Credit Rating Agency (think S&P Global/Moody's). Trying to decide which one t...
31 week 5 hours ago
Tullett Prebon math Hello all, I am interviewing for TP ICAP as a broker. apparently there is a math exam. what types of math questions might be asked? is it more straight forward like 19x23x5/6=? or is more like a SHL numerical test where I have to think ever further? for example: fill in the missing numbers for __...
41 week 7 hours ago
Should I go get it?Last week I had an amazing first phone interview with a MD of a new born boutique shop. Take into consideration that I'm lateraling specifically for a culture reason. It just felt so right, the culture, the motivation for this MD to start his own shop and the culture she wants to imprint in the team...
Make It Rain
81 week 11 hours ago
Should I stay in bulge bracket firm (WM side) or leave for new summer opportunities? (Junior)Hi guys, I am a junior and I'm currently working in wealth management division for bulge bracket company as a part time employee now (After working for them for 10 months I've transitioned into part time employee or Clients Services Associate). In terms of my goal, I would like to go into S&T (M...
31 week 1 day ago
Analyst - Laid Off2.5 years in, promotion coming in January, got laid off Monday from a BB, along with numerous others in the group. Not performance based at all, it just seems that the business is clearly becoming something that the firm doesn't want to pursue any longer. Lost over 20% of staff over the past few mon...
451 week 1 day ago
Which SA? AM Allocation Advisory vs. Moody's So I am facing this tough decision between a Strategic Solutions/Client Portfolio Allocation Advisory role at an asset manager (think PIMCO/Eaton Vance) and a Credit Ratings Research internship at Moody's. Assuming I will not be returning after the summer, I am primarily considering full-time opport...
01 week 1 day ago
Networking with other Banks During Summer InternshipHey guys, What are your opinions on networking with other banks during an SA internship. I currently have a nice gig lined up with a major MM bank but am particularly interested in specific groups at 2 BB banks and have spoken to a few of the guys there in the past. Does it seem desperate to network...
21 week 2 days ago
EY Operational TSHello, I have an upcoming interview with EY's operational transaction services practice. Looking for advice as what to expect from the interview as well as hours/pay/etc. My background is big 4 audit, and I am interviewing for a senior level role. ...
11 week 2 days ago
Small PE vs Equity Research?Lads, Which firm do you think would be more relevant to investment banking? An analyst internship at a small PE fund or a full-time associate position at a boutique investment bank? Thanks ...
01 week 2 days ago
Promotion/Grad School DilemmaCurrently facing a bit of a dilemma (a good kind though, fortunately) I found out earlier this week that I've been admitted to a top MFin program starting in early July. The dilemma is that I have two promotion offers on the table: job #1 is within my back office group with the same responsibilities...
01 week 2 days ago
Question about offers/recruiters/interviewingI've been working w/ a recruiter who landed me a few interviews at some decent places, but nowhere that I particularly want to go. I mentioned to him that an internal recruiter from a BB had reached out to me and I was in process of applying/interviewing with them as well. That BB made me an offer ...
01 week 2 days ago
Semi-target school (IU Kelley) - 3.2 GPAI have what many consider a low GPA mostly due to a bad semester when=re I came out with a 2.5 I'm still desperately searching for an internship this summer and would like to know where you all recommend looking ...
Chief N-Rob
01 week 3 days ago
Would VC, HF, or PE jobs have the best lifestyle?Considering doing buy side recruiting, and I would be interested to try VC, HF, or PE. So which of the three do you think would offer the best lifestyle? And what are the typical tradeoffs (in terms of hours/learning curve/culture/comp/etc.) at a high level? ...
11 week 3 days ago
I have a liberal arts degree but now want to change my career, how fucked am I?For the majority of my life I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, hence graduating from a Top 20 university (albeit not a US school) with an Hon. B.A. in History and Philosophy. When I started studying for my LSATs I realized I absolutely did not want to be a lawyer. I've been trying to figure out what...
91 week 3 days ago
High School Internship in IB or HF (please give feedback on my credentials)Hey all, Before any of you guys dismiss me as a 16 y/o that wants a job on "Wall Street" (i dislike when people use the cliche "I wanna work on wall street", so annoying), I've provided some credentials below and my rationale for choosing this career. Please take 2 mins out of your time to read this...
131 week 3 days ago
Big 4 Audit to Big 4 Corporate Finance - AdviceThis is my first post on WSO and I am looking for some guidance. I have been lurking around recent content on WSO and there appears to be lots of helpful (and hilarious) advice available. I am currently working at one of the Big 4 in assurance (audit) and want a change to something more sexy/challen...
151 week 3 days ago
Which Finance jobs/careers are less quant-heavy?Hey guys, Short Version: Which aspects of Finance are slightly less quantitative (particularly where trigonometry is concerned)? Long Version: I'm a current transfer applicant for an undergraduate finance degree and I had some questions for you more experienced people about the different types of Fi...
41 week 3 days ago
What's WRONG with me? - Took the first offer Hi All I am writing because I so appreciate the honesty of your posts.... I left school two years ago with a Master's degree from a target school.... When I was in School I did everything I should have done to maybe stand a chance in the financial services industry: the target school, the internship...
81 week 3 days ago
Took the wrong offerLong story short, a year ago when I was applying for graduate roles I was offered an amazing opportunity with a company. I had already accepted a role elsewhere, so I turned them down, but definitely would have taken them if they had made their offer a week earlier. Having started my graduate role, ...
31 week 3 days ago
Am I screwed/Need HelpSo long story short, I'm a senior at a decent business school and am barely going to graduate with a 3.0 (I have a 2.85 right now. I did the calculation and if I get straight A's I'll be at 3.0, my grades are A's as of right now). I've been doing an internship with a bank for the past 8 months in co...
51 week 3 days ago
Advice on what job to target in High Finance with a Commercial Lending background?First off, I'm in Canada and specifically out west so Toronto is usually tricky to break into unless I can really leverage my background. Same with the USA but I'm open to applying anywhere. I have 2 years O&G Experience for a Pipeline company doing cost tracking/projection reports for the Proje...
01 week 4 days ago
How to land an internshiphello! I am engineering student, knowing nothing about finance and when I apply for internships I get rejected, I think because nothing in my CV shows interest in finance/IB. How can I improve that? Should I invest in a short course or summer school? Is there a distance learning masters that I could...
11 week 4 days ago
Best combination of pay and working hourshello! what roles offer the best combination of salary and working hours? I cannot work more than 60h on weekdays. Can you suggest me please roles/companies or even specialisations within M&A or something? (I am refering to UK/Europe mainly, not USA) thanks! ...
01 week 4 days ago
Sophomore with No Work Experience Looking for Career AdviceI'm a sophomore attending a non-target school (St. John's University) majoring in finance but considering on switching to accounting. My GPA is a 3.75. I recently started to focus on my career and where I want in a couple years from now. I realized that I wasted my entire freshmen year contemplating...
151 week 4 days ago
Which internship to choose? MBB, BIG 4 M&A or MM M&A BoutiqueDear Fellow monkeys. I am facing the though decision between three summer internship offers. This would be my first internship in any related field as I come from a completely different backround originally (arts/sports). I am going into my penultimate year studying finance at a top european target ...
151 week 4 days ago
Leave "LI" Social media firm to be a wholesaler?I'm currently a Account Executive for a top Social media firm "LI" and I am debating whether or not to leave the tech industry to be a Wholesaler ? Any thoughts? ...
01 week 5 days ago
When do you start looking for work?I've been on-again-off-again looking for work and recently found a new job. Since then I've been getting some residual recruiter calls and some interview offers rolling in (non-finance at the moment). I am wondering when do most people switch jobs? I know there is a certain job track, and that peopl...
01 week 5 days ago
Breaking into buy-side without big names on resumeAt ~30 years of age, I've had the following experience (all firms Manhattan based); BA from a respectable non-target liberal arts (think Bucknell, Leigh, etc.) Mid/late 2000s; ST Fixed-Income middle off at two top 5s, one of which isn't around anymore (think Lehman, Bear, etc.) Late 2008/09 Certific...
41 week 5 days ago
Big four pre-clearence So I have a chance to go to next rounds of big fours advisory in their federal sector. But just got hit with pre-clearance where they asked if I have done any drugs even if legally allowed by the state and followed with yes or no on taking the poly test. I am not into drugs but tried weed during my ...
01 week 5 days ago
Tobin and Company Has anyone had interviews or heard anything yet? If anyone has any additional insight on the firm that would be great. ...
21 week 5 days ago
I need a starting point and some directionHello fellow, Monkey. I'm new to the scene and stumbled upon this website while doing some extensive research into the corporate finance world. These industries have always intrigued me from the beginning of my undergrad studies. Two years in my undergraduate studies, I enlisted in the US Army for f...
11 week 5 days ago
Careers outside High FinanceI am currently in my final year at college and I am realizing that IB is not something I really want to do. The market is currently bad here, where getting a job in the front office is becoming more and more difficult and I just dont feel the same amount of passion most people here feel for IB. Curr...
191 week 5 days ago
Data-driven, intellectually stimulating, people-facing Job in FinanceHello community, I am not sure if this is the appropriate sub forum (if there is any) for what I am looking for. So feel free to move this post, if I am in the wrong place here. In essence, I am looking for career advice. My Background: I am about to graduate from a good research focused econ school...
31 week 5 days ago