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144 weeks 13 hours ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Job Search Advice Forum The Wall Street Oasis Job Search Advice Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best threads giving advice on the various aspects of your next job search. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & In...
011 months 4 days ago
Non-Insane NYC Finance JobsHey everybody, I'm currently managing investments for a bank in my hometown in Louisiana. I don't necessarily dislike my current position, but I've begun to explore other opportunities. I have some buddies who are working in Finance in NYC on the IB side, and we've had some conversations about me l...
82 min 30 sec ago
SMBC Capital Markets Hi all - I recently made my first post discussing my interest about breaking into IB, and my current career/skills. I've been talking to some MM banks, but have an interview coming up at SMBC CM for a FI Deriv Analyst position. While the position isn't directly IB (in any sense it seems) I wanted ...
118 min 8 sec ago
NHS Improvements is looking to appoint a Manager - Financial Improvements and Solutions, based in LondonNHS Improvement is responsible for overseeing foundation trusts, NHS trusts and independent providers. We offer the support these providers need to give patients consistently safe, high quality, compassionate care within local health systems that are financially sustainable. By holding providers to ...
02 hours 36 min ago
Advice for 22 YO Non-Target Recent Graduate with 3.95 GPA and Military ExperienceHello all, I would first like to give a **HUGE** thank you to everyone who actively uses this forum! I recently stumbled upon it and have been reading countless threads over the past few days. I am amazed with how much helpful information I have found on WSO and somewhat upset I did not come acro...
13 hours 18 min ago
Advice for A Rising Junior at a non-target Liberal Arts SchoolSo I'm currently a rising junior at a very small non-target liberal arts school in California (think Claremont McKenna, Pomona, Occidental, etc.), I currently have under a 3.5 but it's been rising every semester. This summer I will be working as an analyst for an auto-finance company and it will be ...
43 hours 21 min ago
LinkedIn Etiquette - Connected, Read Message, No Response?Hello WSO community! I have been trying hard to network on LinkedIn and have made a few connections. But my problem is that they will read my connection message and not reply... When is the appropriate amount of time to followup again? Ex: Sunday, viewed an MD's profile but didn't add (not in my ...
64 hours 1 min ago
Referred to a different job - am I dead?Had a first round phone interview today. Was scheduled to be with two guys from the team and one lady from HR. She tells me something came up, they couldn't be on the call. Does the HR portion of the interview (really generic fit questions) and talks to me about a similar and probably about as go...
34 hours 17 min ago
Trafigura International Trader Programme - InterviewsHey guys, I got shortlisted to Trafigura International Trader programme and I have my first round of interviews at their Geneva office in November. Anyone else has an interview for this program? any tips about the interview questions? what should I prepare ? I have a background in physical tra...
614 hours 29 min ago
How do you feel about..lying?What goes on everyone. I'm looking for your thoughts on how successful you think I would be in lying about my GPA. As far as all other aspects of my resume, they would be the God's honest truth. My thinking is if they don't care enough to check my transcript then they don't care enough about the G...
H. Dubya
415 hours 42 min ago
Should I go for a spring week, summer internship or graduate analyst?Hello everyone, I am a 24y-old EU citizen going to graduate on my bachelor's in Accounting and Finance from a top-university in my home country (Northern/Eastern Europe). Although locally it is a well-recognised uni and also the top in my country, in Western Europe I would say no one have ever hear...
513 hours 34 min ago
trying to enter finance from science backgroundHi, I am new to the forum because i recently started looking at the forum from people who are premed. but many of them are from quant science background (enegerring) and I am from human biology. I recently discovered msf programs. even though I am hard working and willing to work long hours, there a...
219 hours 49 min ago
Asset Finance to Investment BankingHey everyone, I have an internship at a BB in asset finance and wanted to know how I should frame this position on my resume if I want to go into IB full time....
221 hours 16 min ago
CPPIB InterviewI have an upcoming interview with CPPIB's HK office for their summer analyst position. Anyone have any experience with this or can share what to expect?...
1222 hours 39 min ago
Cold emails - what makes you answer?Recently began cold emailing alums and some recruiters and it's usually hit or miss. I know that there are times when your mailbox is practically full and there's just too much work to do - I'll probably won't hear from you (which I understand). I was wondering what you all would prefer to see in ...
231 day 1 hour ago
Do I have a chance?I am in need of some wisdom here. I am 24 years old and I have an associates degree in criminal justice from community college and was a Deputy Sheriff for a year. I decided that law enforcement isn't for me, and I also wanted to get my bachelors degree, so I resigned from being a Sheriff and appl...
11 day 19 hours ago
HR Wanted to "Schedule Time to Talk" then GhostedI was contacted by HR for a company I interviewed with a long time ago. The HR lady said she wanted to schedule some time to talk and asked me for my availability the next day. Then silence. Then she asked for my availability on another day and we scheduled something. Then she had to reschedule. It'...
61 day 21 hours ago
No experience, trying to break into the industry in LA/SF, help!Hey everyone, This community has taught me so much and I spend countless hours reading through all of your stories and insight hoping that one day I can be the one who shares their success story. I would be eternally grateful if you help me get there! Here's my situation right now - 2014 BBA in Fi...
01 day 21 hours ago
Cold Call Email Novels - How to Recover?I've been reaching out to people on LinkedIn - sending a short note to connect and a lengthier inMail. I'm reading threads on WSO about keeping cold messages short - but mine are novels now - almost like cover letters! They usually span 4 paragraphs... something like the below. I'm cringing! I wri...
51 day 21 hours ago
Cold email -> Coffee meet, what should I ask? I've been shooting off cold emails to Alumni working in Asset Management, a mixture of Investment Managers and Private Wealth Managers. Luckily enough, I've had some positive responses. Essentially I'm looking to get some work experience, even if it's just shadowing someone, what should I be asking ...
11 day 22 hours ago
Networking FacepalmsWe have all experienced this. The cheesy, repetitive, and even awkward conversations that always arise at networking events. You know that student who asks 7 questions in a row about the firm's upcoming events or the recruiter's everyday job duties? Of course, the student receives an identical answe...
12 days 2 hours ago
Interviewing with JP Morgan Private Banking, need adviceHas anyone recently (within the last year) interviewed with JP Morgan for their Private Banking department? I received a call from a JPM recruiter yesterday (I didn't apply) who told me that they would soon have some openings in PB, and that I had a background that he thought would be a perfect fit...
62 days 8 hours ago
Need advice: looking for Sophomore InternshipHey guys. I'm a sophomore at cornell from nyc majoring in econ right now. I transferred from a non-target after my freshman year where I had a 3.7. My first semester at cornell I had a 3.075 and this semester I expect to get something along the lines of 3.3. I have some internship experience (at K...
03 days 3 hours ago
Community bank to BBI currently do credit analysis on business loans at a community bank (first job out of college). Anyone know how hard it would be to move to a bulge bracket bank into something like the DCM with my experience and or what steps I could take towards it?...
33 days 6 hours ago
Cold emailing structure for internship/work experience. Hi, I'm looking for advice on cold emailing, i.e what should my emails contain. My situation: I'm in my junior year at a non-target, I wasn't successful in securing an internship for this summer. So I've been cold emailing and I've started targeting boutique asset managers and consulting/VC fir...
43 days 8 hours ago
Breaking out of Ops into the Front OfficeI currently work as a middle office analyst at a fairly large asset managment firm supporting its HY fixed income group. I took this position because of the firm's rep and my hope wasto work my way into a FO position within a relatively short amount of time (in hindsight this was quite ignorant). Th...
33 days 16 hours ago
Where can I go from FP&A role at tech company? (exit opps)I have a job doing financial planning and analysis (FP&A) at a (mature and midsize) tech company when I graduate. I don't want to get too specific about what they do. What kind of exit opps are there? I want to get into something sexier than FP&A, although I'm not sure how bad FP&A is. Since I go to...
63 days 16 hours ago
Financial center employees are front office.. TechnicallyWhen searching for a role, don't focus to much on front vs. back office. Technically speaking a mortgage loan originator or small business banker at a financial center are revenue generating roles, which would fall under the front office. ...
13 days 20 hours ago
Drug Testing for Admin Positions (Temp or Perm)I've been looking for new administrative roles at places like investment banks, accounting firms, hedge funds etc. And I have a few questions regarding drug testing. How man places actually do a hair follicle test? I'm concerned about this because--though I don't use drugs often--I did have a deat...
13 days 20 hours ago
TRAFIGURA TRADER OPPORTUNITIES 2017I have applied for the oil/metal trader roles that are open until 14th open 2017 in Trafigura and I am wondering since anyone has applied and have heard back from them. Good luck to anyone that has applied, would be glad to hear from people that have applied....
13 days 21 hours ago
Time to revise the Pay model of Professional Services Firm?How do you feel about mandatory overwork- the time when you are asked to work beyond 45 hours a week and not get paid for that extra work just because you are salaried? Mandatory overwork is a common theme in accounting and other professional service firms. Wondering how the compulsory overwork impa...
04 days 12 min ago
Too late for an internship?Hi Guys, I'm a sophomore at a Semi Target(Top 5 undergrad B School) and I'm working some small part time positions this summer. I will have a 3.2 gpa going into junior year recruiting. Is it too late to get something for this summer? I was wondering how to go about finding international opportu...
44 days 2 hours ago
Hating job, don't know what to doSix months into a commercial banking (not corporate, think $50mil or less) analyst grad role at a BB. In short: I hate it. The small, monotonous transactions. The sleepy, chat by the water cooler nature of the office. The fact that I feel I'm learning fuck all about finance (or any other real skill)...
84 days 6 hours ago
Get S&T experience besides banksHello, I would like to get into S&T (I am a master's student in Europe at the moment) mainly focusing on London. What are the alternatives to get experience besides BB and mid-banks? For IB there are plenty of boutiques but I suppose that for S&T you won't probably succeed in trying to get into an h...
04 days 6 hours ago
Job search tactics for mid-career bankerSo here's my story - I had a run of several years in equity research at a BB, but wasn't happy with my career progression (worked for a selfish star analyst) and resolved to leave. A couple years ago, I took a role in regional management at another BB working on a new market entry initiative and var...
54 days 8 hours ago
NYC VCs There are quite a few VCs in NYC itself, and NY is the centre of the universe, so... If you don't have relevant experience and your undergrad was a few years ago, then can you still break in to a decent NYC VC. If so, then it would solely be through networking, right? Below relates to unlucky non...
14 days 9 hours ago
Starting a new career at 26background: Bsc. business administration degree, covered accounting and finance. M$ office certified, know excel very well. worked several jobs in college, started a business after and up to now involving consumer products. business skills involved sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and customer se...
74 days 10 hours ago
Weakness Interview Question - Examples?So I've been googling for this question and searching WSO as I have an interview tomorrow, and everyone says the same thing: "Give a real weakness that isn't fundamental to doing the job, and talk about how you've improved upon it." Then they hardly if ever offer examples. Every weakness I think ...
244 days 14 hours ago
Breaking This CycleHow does one break the never ending cycle of "no relevant experience -> no summer internship -> no relevant experience -> no summer internship" Recently I came across a Linkedin post speaking about this topic and got me thinking of the best way to counter this cycle. I was thinking that getting in...
44 days 16 hours ago
Next job changeHello, I just got a job in JP Morgan Chase. Though, it is more of a operations job and is in Delaware. I am looking for more opportunities and looking to get involved in other projects within the team. I have done a Masters in Economics and also have 2+ years of Buy-side experience. What would yo...
64 days 19 hours ago
Lawyer Considering Switch to FinanceHi All, I’m a 30 year old lawyer, Ivy League Economics undergrad + strong NY-based law school (lawyering for 5 years now), that currently works in-house as a transactional attorney at one of the major international big banks. I am highly considering switching to the finance/banking side that I ...
04 days 19 hours ago
I AM LOOKING FOR AN INTERNSHIP - ENTRY LEVEL JOB NYC + CT Bachelors of Science in Finance Bachelors of Science in Finance Bachelors of Science in Finance Bachelors of Science in Finance ...
54 days 20 hours ago
Seeking professional adviceHi there everyone, my name is Abdallah El-Sherif I am 22 years old and I am new to this forum. Now still undergraduate in a civil engineering program, one of the top, here in Egypt. I am currently doing my CFA level 1 next December. To try to leverage it next to 730 GMAT and internship from the repu...
04 days 23 hours ago
Google telephone Interview Hey I have an interview with google next week, just got it confirmed. I have no idea what to expect and have no time to prep as i am currently studying for 7 exams that are also taking place next week across the 5 days. Any heads up of what to expect would be great. cheers, Tazza...
05 days 10 hours ago
For quant jobs, which is preferred for graduate studies: Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer ScienceI am going to go to an elite grad school for engineering. From the posts here, I get the impression that engineering is the most sought-after degree for quants, but I'm still not sure because in my eyes I would see a computer scientist or mathematician as being slightly more fit than an engineer (Al...
15 days 16 hours ago
How long does it take to process a work visa for a summer internship?Assuming Canada to the US, how long is the typical process time for when an employer files it to it being cleared?...
36 days 12 min ago
60 Hour Weeks, Rural Locations, 100k starting salary: what type of finance is right for me?What sort of finance job should I pursue? I'm currently an Econ/History double major at HYP.Criteria: 1. starting salary >=100k 2. for the first two years, 80 hours or less per week; after 2 years, 60 hours or less per week 3. Additionally, after ten years or fewer, I want to be able to move to bac...
206 days 43 min ago
Looking for CV advice for an interesting background (Military)Hi Everyone, I won't bore you with too lengthy an anecdote about my background, but just to cover the quick details... I served 10 years in the Army, first five as a Signals Intelligence Analyst working in a strategic agency in a variety of roles, basically all to do with collecting, analyzing and...
36 days 2 hours ago
What's my best route into IB/PE/CF with a strategy MSc?Hi everyone, I am currently studying an MSc in Innovation and Strategy from a Russell Group University (not Oxbridge). Business is my educational background, and I have some work experience with a small-time consultant. Despite this, I'm interested in joining the finance side of things, and wondered...
06 days 6 hours ago
Trading desk - London UKFellow rain makers, Currently looking to swtich cities, from a G8 country to London UK. I come from an ok school, 2 years experience in MO and 1y in FO at the central bank. (experience in money market, bonds, and derivatives) CFA done in 18month + i am a co-author on a major central bank publicatio...
06 days 7 hours ago
London (Cold) CallingHi everybody! I have already searched a little through the forum and I kind of got the impression that cold calling and cold e-mailing in Europe is not as common as in the US. I am particularly focused on London and I was thinking about starting cold e-mailing (to get a call). How is it perceived? I...
106 days 8 hours ago
Advice needed for PE job out of undergradI go to a US target and did a MM IBD internship but did not get a return offer due to lack of headcount. I am currently in the process for a PE role with about 500m-1.5bn AUM. The role will involve working with portfolio companies and evaluating M&A. Due to the nature of the capital (largely provide...
16 days 8 hours ago
Freshman internship So I am currently going into my freshman-rising sophomore (non target) summer having networked to try and find an internship. I came out with 2 potential positions 1. A WM internship with a regional branch of a BB Bank 2. A commercial credit intern at a regional bank My plan sophomore summer is to ...
16 days 18 hours ago
Academic probation for one semester senior year, will job offer be rescinded?I interned at one of the Big 4 TS practices over the summer. During the fall semester of my senior year I received 2 Ds and a GPA of 1.94. I was placed on academic probation. During the spring semester I will receive a 3.2. I will graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.3, and I had a GPA of 3.5 before...
51 week 39 min ago
Is IB truly the best catalyst to make money? Is the sole purpose of working to make money?As the title states, is it true? Is it worth it? I was talking with my friend and really didn't know if it was worth it. Granted I am going into consulting, not IB, but I am still curious. Is it all worth it? Is it true? See my story below for what our conversational examples were like. Steve goe...
01 week 5 hours ago
Help choosing between job offersI just graduated and currently have two job offers. One is for a commercial lending credit analyst at a community bank and the other is a sales support associate at Prudential. I am under the impression that the credit analyst role will give me more valuable skills (financial statement analysis, exc...
31 week 5 hours ago
NYC vs. London vs. Zurich vs. FFMHi guys, In which city do you earn the most considering cost of living, taxes, exchange rates etc.? If someone of you worked in different locations how did they compare to each other in terms of quality of living? Especially right out of college what´s the best of those cities for your 20's? I am...
401 week 6 hours ago
BTAI have final rounds of interview with Deloitte for BTA position. Interview is based on case study and behavioral questions. Need help...
01 week 8 hours ago
I've been fired - what do I do?All, Require some help/suggestions on my next course of action. As the topic header indicates, I've been fired from my current firm - I was an Analyst, with around 8 months of experience. My background: I went to Reading University in the UK (I'm UK based), had a decent B grade marksheet and did ...
Royal Oak
1461 week 8 hours ago
How To Write Your First CV**1. Focus on the basics ** Managers for the most part spend short of what one moment perusing a CV before choosing to reject it. On the off chance that applying for a promoted opportunity, dependably guarantee that you conform to any application procedure totally. Be brief: two A4 pages are no...
01 week 12 hours ago
moving into prudential fixed incomeDoes anyone know how competitive Prudential's fixed income department is? Currently considering a job in another part of Prudential and trying to figure out if transferring into fixed income is a possibility. Also wondering if a CFA would ease the transition at all....
01 week 1 day ago
Salary questions during interviewsHow often does the salary question come up for you in the interview process? More so when they ask current comp cause I'm paid well below market with no bonus and working Back Office which is a substantial pay difference from Front Office roles. Some companies have wanted to know at some phase durin...
41 week 1 day ago
List of Targets and Semi-TargetsFirst off, I just wanna say that this forum has more influence than you think. I know multiple suckers, including myself, who have based content on this forum as one of their major factors when considering which school to attend. As a rising high school senior, I'm looking for schools to apply to...
521 week 2 days ago
Losing Your Networking VirginityIt was my first year of university when I decided to attend my first networking event. I arrived at the event clueless of what to do and what to expect. I stood around awkwardly not knowing what topics or questions to talk about with the reps. Monkeys, let's help out some networking virgins. * How ...
21 week 2 days ago
Internal audit looking to become CFA and switch into bankingSo i took an internal audit role straight of college, and I'm realizing that I hate it... I want to make the move into banking, and am contemplating registering for the CFA Level 1 exam. I've been doing a lot of research and there's mixed opinions on the value of the certification as it relates to m...
11 week 3 days ago
3rd Interview Follow UpI've had a phone interview, a Skype interview, and am in person where they flew me in to meet the team. After the usual thank you's and standard follow up, this is the response from the main two players, word for word: I am glad you were able to see our "insert company site" and meet the team. I l...
31 week 3 days ago
Finding a job in NYCHi all, I know someone who works in the City of London and will be moving to NYC soon as he happened to get a green card. He can either transfer within his current firm (a US financial services company headquartered in NY) or he tries to find a different job (buyside/banking). Where should he start ...
11 week 3 days ago
Serco Middle East has various Senior Finance career opportunities in DubaiSerco is an extraordinary company you might not have heard of. In fact, we are a team of over 50,000 people responsible for transforming the delivery of vital services on behalf of governments and corporations across the globe. From making patients feel comfortable during treatment; teaching prison...
01 week 3 days ago
Sophomore Summer JobHi guys, What are some good jobs to do for my sophomore summer? I know that PWM internships are the go-to ones, but I live in a non-major Canadian city so they aren't easily available. So what type of jobs would you guys recommend? Retail? Sales? Administrative? Or should I do something different a...
61 week 3 days ago
Learning coding on your own for finance?Hi guys, I started using codecademy to learn a little bit about javascript. I am not necessarily interested in pursuing a career in tech but I think nowadays it is important to have a minimum understanding of how programming languages work. Also, I want something different to challenge myself. I th...
231 week 4 days ago
Choosing between two internships.Hi all, I am a rising Junior considering two summer internship offers in Korea (I go to school in the US + I am a US Citizen). I hope to use this internship experience to get an internship in the US for next year. I was wondering if you guys could comment on which internship may be more helpful f...
31 week 4 days ago
What is a pricing analyst?Title. I couldn't figure this out (perhaps I'm too stupid to do so, hence the fact that I'm interviewing for this job). Any transferrable skills here for someone looking to move into equity research?...
Jim Cutler
91 week 4 days ago
Online UndergradDoes your degree say online on it? A lot of top ranked schools in the nation have undergrad online programs I'm considering. Will employers even know it's an online degree? ...
01 week 5 days ago
Getting a job in Monaco (Montecarlo) Hey everyone, I'm looking for advices from people who had a previous work experience in Montecarlo, Monaco. I've heard the compensations are very high there (as high as they could be in Switzerland), but with a greater lifestyle (sun and sea-life helps apparently) and the fiscal framework is more t...
01 week 5 days ago
Can I get hired as a BTA at Deloitte with these credentials? Any advice? (low GPA, high major GPA, lots of ECs)Hi everyone! I'm currently a rising college senior at a public university on the east coast (Graduation date May 2018). I'll try to give you as much detail as possible about this situation.. I was a troubled student my freshman year and beginning of my sophomore year. I struggled a lot with my prere...
21 week 5 days ago
LLM graduate looking for securities regulation compliance jobsI am recent LLM law graduate from NYU with interest in compliance jobs in financial markets industry. I have good understanding of different financial securities. Would like to work in the compliance roles involving working with the SEC, FINRA, MSRB regulations etc... What is a good introductory ...
21 week 5 days ago
Russian MS, 4-5 Experience. Good Afternoon Everybody. I just want to see how strong is my resume and if i have a chance to find a job inside IB, HF, PEF, or any business related to investments. I have a Russian MS in finance, green card holder, 4-5 years experience as an economist( don't know the US equivalent) as well I have ...
01 week 6 days ago
Graduating winter instead of summer?Hi, Will graduating winter instead of summer hurts your chances of getting an internship at a major international bank? It's quite common to prolong your studies where I live and therefore not difficult to get a job in my current country of residence, but I'm not sure how it works in London for exa...
31 week 6 days ago
Which internship to choose? MBB, BIG 4 M&A or MM M&A BoutiqueDear Fellow monkeys. I am facing the though decision between three summer internship offers. This would be my first internship in any related field as I come from a completely different backround originally (arts/sports). I am going into my penultimate year studying finance at a top european target...
161 week 6 days ago
No Internship For This Summer?Hi All, I was just wondering what choices do I have now that I have not been able to find an internship in Investment Banking. Everywhere that I have reached out I was rejected. I can't even find a bank that is small enough to consider taking me. (If there are any databases of small, small firms th...
302 weeks 31 min ago
Background Check Transcript Verification for InternshipI got a verbal offer from a F500 company for a summer internship. Obviously, to begin the background check, I had to sign a "FCRA Disclosure and Authorization Form", which I did. In this form, it pretty much stated that my electronic signature gives the company access to my "consumer reports and oth...
112 weeks 1 hour ago
Going back to school for a higher GPAStupid question probably. I currently have a 3.499 gpa. 3.5 has been a mental hurdle for me for quite some time. Is it worth using my time for such a small thing?...
42 weeks 7 hours ago
Commiseration 2017Graduate in a month and still no job lined up? This thread is for you. Share your horror stories of your job search to make yourself feel better. Or just vent because fuck HR departments, to be perfectly honest. Got rejected in less than 24 hours for an entry level position at TRowe even though I g...
22 weeks 17 hours ago
What finance jobs can be done from a laptop at home or anywhere?I intend to have invasive surgery in the next five years that will require me to take six months to heal. I will still be able to use a laptop in the process of this surgery. What finance jobs can I get or build in which I can work from a laptop? Building a business is also a good option as well, bu...
532 weeks 17 hours ago
Any tips for job hunting out-of-state?Hey monkeys, I'm looking for a job in the SF/San Jose region and wanted to see what other advice you all had to make the process more seamless. So far after looking at forums from advice and talking to my sales coach, I found out: * I need to have my pitch down pat, with a compelling reason that...
112 weeks 18 hours ago
Quit a MM IB M&A gig for a cushy job with better lifestyleHey, guys. Looking for some perspectives about my situation. I went to school and work in a major emerging economy that is suffering a major recession. I graduated in 2015 (decent universiy, target for MBB, but not good at all for IBD) and was able to land a MM IB gig at a 1-person (the MD) satelli...
02 weeks 18 hours ago
Asset Management Internship for new GraduateHello, I just needed some advice on starting my career. My current situation is I am from Canada and have graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce degree at a reputable school with a CGPA between 3.9 to 4.0 (conversion difference) where I majored in finance and economics. I was also a member of a inves...
02 weeks 23 hours ago
job options/considerationsHey, My situation is as follows. I'm 23, graduating for a non-target in BA & Economics in December. I've been working at back office of a gas-trading company in Austria for 2 years (+ few months of prior work experience at a bank) and I'm doing the CFA Level 1 in December. Starting January 2018, I'...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Moving across the country with no offer lined up. Anyone had success?Hello all, So I am really stressing out at this point. I have successfully blown 3 interviews and have nothing lined up for the summer. I am going to be graduating next year and I am freaking out I'll have no experience. Now, I have relentlessly networked in my city. I have literally exhausted most...
42 weeks 1 day ago
Buyside recruiters in Hong KongHi folks, Any recommendations for buyside recruiters in Hong Kong? Ideally people who have an active private investments practice (PE, private credit). I'm tired of the usual suspects Selby Jennings, Michael Page etc. who seem to be contingency recruiters masquerading as headhunters. Search on the...
32 weeks 1 day ago
Are there more lucrative careers?What I'm asking is pretty smile: are there more lucrative finance-based careers giving more base, bonus, and overall pay than I-Banking? I'm asking for a career to start out with right out of college....
582 weeks 1 day ago
PE/IB Firms in South Florida...Recommendations?I'm looking to move into PE/IB. Non Ivy League but BBA in Finance and MBA in Finance (from university in South Florida). I'm looking for suggestions on firms in South Florida and advice on how to get in without the Ivy League degree. Wife works at a PE in Palm Beach but they're Ivy League only. Havi...
02 weeks 2 days ago
AM Interview - Help with Bank Stock PitchFound out yesterday I have an in-person interview for a long-only mutual fund as a research analyst for financials and industrials, in which I'll meet the team and then give a stock pitch on a bank that fits their investment profile (micro-to-mid-cap). The interview is on the 15th, and I'm a bit wor...
22 weeks 3 days ago
New WSO Podcast Launched! Subscribe TodayHey WSO Community - we're super excited to (finally) announce the launch of the Wall Street Oasis Podcast!!! The Wall Street Oasis podcast offers the same trusted content you love from the site with even deeper access to the most interesting people in the world of finance. Talking with people from ...
272 weeks 3 days ago
High Yield (Credit Analysis) Interviews / Case StudiesHi, I was just wondering what questions are typically asked during interviews for high yield (credit analysis) positions? Also, what types of case studies are given during these interviews? My background consists of investment banking and three years at a buyout firm, working mostly on LBOs and PI...
172 weeks 3 days ago
PWM interview questions?Part time internship, have a bit of prior work experience. Is it just going to be 1 interview? Also if any of you could throw some sample questions my way I'd really appreciate it. I purchased the WSO behavioural interview guide- is that enough?...
902 weeks 3 days ago
which program to choose for a career at goldman sachsHi guys, Which program would be best for a career at Goldman Sachs: 1. MSC in finance at Imperial College London, or 2. MSc in risk and finance from London school of economics...
02 weeks 3 days ago
Why Tech is better than Banking.Ok before a bunch of Wolf Of Wall Street and Big Short frat boys come in here hear me out. Banking is impossible to get into unless you went to a target, no exceptions. They'll ask you stupid questions in interviews like "what's 2719 x 285" and if you answer "my dad was in the same frat as you" yo...
my name is goldstein
162 weeks 3 days ago
Full Time Recruiting tips Hey guys, I am a non-finance major at a midwestern target school and I am currently working at a middle market boutique firm in Chicago as an intern this summer. I have the possibility of working full time there however, I want to still explore other options. I would like to work at a boutique firm...
02 weeks 4 days ago