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+155 Will companies revoke offer if they find out you’re a virgin?234d
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+39 How friendly is IB to shorter men? 315m
+32 My cousin just got fired in the UK292w
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+28 Emory Certificate in Management Consulting or Google Project Management Certificate?517h
+24 Is Finance worth it anymore?31w
+24 Can't even get to the first round of interviews146d
+24 Non-Target, Non-Finance, Non-IB SA, Low(er) GPA to Top BB FT Offer34d
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+17 Sophomore Boutique IB Internship: Ask directly in cold email?53w
+17 How to score a sophmore year boutiqe internship?23w
+17 How to deal with hardo interviewers?42w
+17 Bad anxiety during recruiting after interviews fizzled out42w
+17 Parabolic USA (career coaching and staffing) -- Several red flags31w
+17 What to answer when confronted about non-target background?41w
+16 From FatFire (60m USD) to broke - what are my career options?52w
+16 No return offer due to headcount - HR want to try to give another internship91w
+16 Lateraling with a low GPA54d
+16 Career change from Amazon software engineer to finance422h
+16 Sophomore Summer Decision? (Would this close the door to BB IB?)21d
+14 Good call but no referrals to other people53w
+14 Feeling lost and hopeless - recent grad21d
+13 I cold emailed 2 Directors at a MM boutique for ER...here's what happened.63w
+13 Land FT Offer Without Graduating12w
+13 Should I Apply to Sector-Specific Coverage Groups?22w
+13 ECM role at British Investment Bank vs QIS at Goldman Sachs41w
+13 Careers to consider?41w
+13 Having my first interview in a week, how to prepare?51w
+13 Stressing over 2023 SA return rates due to economy31w
+12 How useful is this careers advisers' advice?14w
+12 Networking + IB Recruiting Questions63w
+12 How to find a position you like?72w
+12 Need Advice - Senior at non-target with relevant internship experiences who can’t find a full-time role 11w
+12 GS 2023 Student Possibility Programme (LDN)23d
+12 Summer Analyst Recruiting Demotivation11w
+12 Breaking into IB as an analyst 14d
+11 Are $10k Ivy League Certification Courses Worth It?44w
+11 Choosing between IB and Tech 13w
+11 Should a physics grad go for finance?33w
+11 Advice on careers for someone from a marketing background? 42w
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+11 IB Spring Internship Senior Year? 12w
+10 Should I create a new email address to reapply for internships14w
+10 Will I ever get a job in IB? - Am I Screwed?193w
+10 Deleted23w
+10 Should I include my military service on my application?23w
+10 4th Year (penulitmate) Chemical Engineer - No Relevant Experience - Am I F*cked?21w
+10 Can a car dealership sales manager break into finance31w
+10 FT IB | London 2023 151d
+10 Is cold emailing considering creepy?56d
+10 Is a Boutique Internship that Valuable in Australia? 21d
+10 How to land and internship for the summer with no experience and only one year of college64d
+9 No return offer due to headcount…what to do? (but the company seems to be hiring non-class full-time analyst though)13w
+9 Car salesman to IB?33w
+9 2 year long job search with no end in sight13w
+9 Investment Management/Investment Banking13w
+9 Choosing between trading firms for internship12w
+9 Eastern EU as the next Emerging/Developing Market?13w
+9 Sales roles for USD 500k+13w
+9 Any point of networking 15 months in advance?22w
+9 Here's how my discussion with the director of research went. 13w
+9 Advice on Breaking In (Non-Target, Near Perfect GPA, No Experience)12w
+9 MO --> FO Any Advice on this Job Description12w
+9 Continuation of virtual Interviews?42w
+9 Looking to apply for a summer internship at a defense company but I have no experience/undecided major12w
+9 Sophmore Year Part Time Internship12w
+9 Job advice12w
+9 Big 4 to MBB? Master or MBA?12w
+9 Career Help - Disappointment12w
+9 Laid off -- tell employers?12w
+9 Are any FT IB applications still open?61w
+9 Dual threat (Low GPA, no internship experience) Dec ‘22 grad looking for advice to avoid working for Northwestern Mutual or Vector Marketing21w
+9 Target and Nothing Else11w
+9 Interviewing with other banks after accepting return offer?11w
+9 Economics masters student - Need advice on beginning of career + job opportunities 11w
+9 Consulting over IB?11w
+9 Is Reneging a Good Career Move?11w
+9 Decision on Summer Internship Opportunity16d
+9 Craziest Question In Interview !15d
+9 Trying to Break Back Into Finance- Currently in FinTech BizDev and Operations14d
+9 Follow up after successful informational interview with VP13d
+9 BlackRock13d
+9 Applying for multiple internships with different graduation dates12d
+9 Advice about what to focus on while preparing for undergrad full-time interviews12d
+9 Ghosted by an interviewer12d
+9 How to lateral to non-RE IB with REPE background as a senior in college?01d
+9 Summer Intern Networking tips 11d
+8 London IB target vs non-target73w
+8 Responding to PE recruiters on work email63w
+8 WSO Internship 42w
+8 Will Summer 2023 interns be affected by anticipated hiring freezes/lay offs in IB?132w
+8 Beginning IB Search in 2nd Semester of Soph Year11w
+8 Breaking into US PE from Canadian IB95d
+8 Is an internship going into my sophomore summer necessary?23d
+8 Networking chat over drinks?522h
+7 Any advice to a non target still trying to find a SA role?74w
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Career Advancement Opportunities

October 2022 Private Equity

  • The Riverside Company 99.5%
  • Warburg Pincus 98.9%
  • Blackstone Group 98.4%
  • KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) 97.8%
  • Apollo Global Management 97.3%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

October 2022 Hedge Fund

  • D.E. Shaw 98.9%
  • Magnetar Capital 97.8%
  • Blackstone Group 96.8%
  • Citadel Investment Group 95.7%
  • Millennium Partners 94.6%

Professional Growth Opportunities

October 2022 Private Equity

  • The Riverside Company 99.5%
  • Bain Capital 98.9%
  • Warburg Pincus 98.4%
  • Blackstone Group 97.8%
  • Ardian 97.3%

Total Avg Compensation

October 2022 Private Equity

  • Principal (8) $676
  • Director/MD (22) $599
  • Vice President (83) $363
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (83) $276
  • 2nd Year Associate (190) $265
  • 1st Year Associate (361) $226
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (28) $157
  • 2nd Year Analyst (75) $133
  • 1st Year Analyst (221) $122
  • Intern/Summer Associate (25) $68
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (268) $58