0Boston College or University of Notre Dame (Undergraduate)?2
0Cold emailing - High-level finance or commercial 26
0Is it necessary to have PE experience before starting a firm that acquires businesses?2
0Interview - is it weird to arrange your own travel?13
0How big is AM/Super in Australia?0
0Nomura possibly a BB in the near future?27
0Will my poor decisions effect my chances of getting a job? Subscribe to this Discussion2
0Best music video?18
0West Coast Target Schools?35
0What if I can't get an internship?20
0Goldman Sachs Generalist IBD vs. Bain & Company Consulting13
0Bateman moment: which bank has the coolest business cards?27
0Institutional Equity Sales - got an interview at a boutique8
0Consulting Outside of hard to get in, how good are exit ops?27
0Exam vs going out with friends?15
0Time to Follow-Up1
0Tips Ettiqette10
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0Advantages and disadvantages of private boutiques vs. large bulge brackets? 72
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0Mumbai.... Ohh God72
0Hands down the greatest businessman of all time2
0When are the next US News B School Rankings to be Released?57
0Is this one of the best resume youve seen .Opportunities with resume like that .16
0Ivy League Valedictorian Quits Largest HF to Open Bakery69
0Pinstripe Shirts13
0[Internship] M&A at no-name Boutique vs. BB Risk Management8
0Got A 92.96 In Corporate Finance and....65
0Investment Banking Analyst Intern5
0Wharton MBA = Masters at Banging Asians12
0Transferring to Semi Target?16
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0Option delta as a probability6
0Columbia vs Duke [Undergraduate]43
0Goldman Sachs' SLC Undergraduate Camp2
0Rick Perry is such a bro5
011Honoré and Precious Lee Are Here to Disrupt the High-End Fashion World0
0Where is he?7
0Highest Paying Investment Banking Roles (Analyst)41
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0GED, No College Degree, Wall Street Wannabe11
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0CFA not in banking industry15
0is M&A considered investment banking?20
0Investment Banking as a long term career?54
0The Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports8
0Why Does an Investment Bank Need a Research Department?23
0Investment Bank List80
0What style of architecture do you guys prefer?15
0Which Companies Place well in S/W/C3
0Admission to HBS, Wharton, or Stanford16
0NYU Stern Undergraduate Looking to Network7
0Advice On Finding a BB or Big Boutique Internship For Sophomore Summer With Freshmen IB Experience 32
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0T Rowe Price5
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0Would you rather transfer to a target or go to a MIT/Princeton MSF Program?3
0Canadians in NYC universities -- Yeshiva University 8
0What is the Correlation (if any) Between a Business Development position and Investment Banking Analyst position? 8
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0Let them do the work :)4
0How would you rate this PE offer?5
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0Amazon Student8
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02016-2017: A Terrible Time for Trump and Patriots Haters15
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0Best middle-market banks in San Francisco?9
0Pay $7500 for GS trading connect->job16
0I feel old4
0East Coast Technology M&A6
0*Canadians* How do Different Cities Stack Up?5
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0Yale SOM (with 30k scholarship) or Cornell Johnson (with 80% tuition) for IB?22
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